Gorki Sandalwood

by Gessica



released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Gessica Austin, Texas

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Track Name: 2015
"I think the hardest thing I've had to learn, and am still learning, is to not over-think, to be detached from the external forms, and to focus on my internal current. There are so many provocative scenarios in life, so many externalities that beg us to react, to embody emotions that are unbecoming of the legacy we wish to exude. So many times, I have found my wonderful self, and given her away at the whim of a sensational emotion, losing her yet again and then having to seek her out once more. What is the compass? It is health, certainly. Vitality. What keeps me strong, and my beauty true? What is beneath my up keep? What deserves my love, my attentions, and what deserves my abandonment? It must be known. The hardest thing I've had to learn in life are these details, because one's life and one's death are not so black and white. There is long misery, slow death, punctual happiness, etc. It is not so sharp and unforgiving. In fact, it is very forgiving. That's why it is so easy to repeat the mistake again, again, and again. Eventually though, I think things begin to add up. Age. Mortality. We begin to rot with our bad habits. They no longer build us character, or strengthen us, and we no longer leverage value from them. We suffer the consequences of our poor choices, with no godly mercy, no youth or future to inspire. We become the moment, we turn to it, it is all that we have now. We are what we do, we are what we allow ourselves to feel, we are the actions employed in the name of those feelings. Very old people are wise, they are more often at peace. They know it is their only path left to a good life, and they choose it in greater constancy than the unhappy youth."